Stakeholder Feedback

We value your input on the implementation of the Common Core in New Mexico. We are collecting feedback and suggestions using surveys and interviews at each professional development event, meeting with our Guiding Coalition, and your emails and comments on this website.

Feedback from Educators
“I believe that PED’s CCSS professional development program will align us across the state, and enable us to be resources for one another….I believe it will make us more cohesive as a state, and enable us to move forward at the right pace and in the right direction to be ready for the PARCC assessments in 2014-2015.” —J.R. Null Artesia Public Schools, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.
“I have never been to a training specifically about teaching math that has been as helpful and inspirational.  The speaker was truly one of a kind.” —Jeannie Leesman, New Mexico School for the Arts

Guiding Coalition
The Guiding Coalition is a group of stakeholders from across New Mexico who are tasked with providing guidance and feedback on the implementation of the NMCCPD Program to PED and Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS)/Solution Tree (ST).   The Guiding Coalition is also responsible for sharing pertinent information with their school or organization, serving as ambassadors of the program, and assisting in the celebration and promotion of the work of educators in implementing the CCSS and PARCC assessments.  Members include representatives from the New Mexico Educator Leader Cadre, NM Teach, RECs, higher education, district and school administrators, teachers, the business community and teachers’ organizations.

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