What Will I Be Learning?

The New Mexico Common Core State Standards focus on giving students a deep understanding of the most important concepts in the subjects they are studying so that they can apply that knowledge and skills to other subjects and in the real world.  All New Mexican students, starting from the earliest grades, will be learning advanced skills in English and Math that they need to earn high school and college degrees. These skills include confidence in their ability to read, write, speak, complete projects, work in groups with friends, and use technology.  

The Common Core curriculum requires that more classroom time and attention be devoted to helping the student to become a well-rounded learner who understands what teachers are asking them to do, can solve the problem and explain how they did it, not just memorize and repeat the answer.  

This means that in English teachers will ask the student to listen carefully and learn how to ask good questions, be diligent and disciplined in their work by paying attention to the details and writing things down, be able to find information on a subject to show what they think is true and then make an argument backed up by that research, and to have a good vocabulary and great ideas about how to use pictures, video and other computer tools that help explain what was meant.  

In Math, students will have to work hard or persevere to understand the problems and solve them. They will learn how to use imagination to think about ideas and how that relates to problems they confront in everyday life. They will have to show the evidence or the reasons for answers, both by writing them down and by talking about them. Students will do experiments and make models that explain how math works in science, engineering and technology.

School teaches more than facts and numbers. It shows students how to look at the world and become the person that they want to be. New Mexico Common Core helps students prepare for going to college and getting a job. Get ready and go get it!
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